Sugar Bars Legacy Sale​​


1.  ALL sales are for CASH, approved check in US FUNDS and we will accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover (an additional 4% convenience fee added per transaction.)  Horses must be paid for in full and buyer must receive RELEASE from SALE CLERK before receiving possession of horse prior to leaving the grounds.  These horses are being sold according to the Laws of the State of Wyoming and will be strictly enforced.  A 10% collection fee will be charged on bad checks.
2.  In addition to cost of horse, buyer will be responsible for paying the sale clerk- $20 transfer fee per registered horse purchased; in addition to brand inspection fees & health inspection fees for each horse purchased.  All fees will be collected by sale clerk.
3.  Registration papers and transfers will be held until the checks clear the bank; papers and transfers will then be mailed to the appropriate registry by Sugars Legacy Sale Association sale management.  Workloads at the breed registry’s (AQHA, APHA) can be extremely high at this time of year and it may take several weeks or more before final processing.
4.  All consigned weanlings will be weaned prior to the sale and they will be halter broke.  No wet mares will be sold. 
5.  ALL sellers will provide a halter and lead rope with each horse sold.
6.  Once a horse enters the sale arena, it will be sold to the highest bidder.  Consignor’s can declare the horse as a no-sale, and inform the auctioneer before leaving the sale arena.  The auctioneer has complete charge of the sale in case of a dispute in the bidding; his decision will be final. 
7.  Footnotes in this catalog have been provided by the consignor; every effort has been made to insure correctness of pedigree names, numbers and Official Records. Any known corrections will be made at sale time.
8. A Wyoming Veterinarian and Wyoming State Brand Inspector will be at the sale to assist buyers.
9.  Owner's (Consigner) must declare any health and soundness issues prior to the sale of a horse.  Owner's warrant each horse to be sound & healthy with the exception of obscure blemishes or defects.  ALL horses sell with a negative coggins test and current health papers. Other inoculations will be at the discretion of the seller.
10.  Sale personnel and auctioneer do not act as agents for or represent either buyer or seller, but merely provide a medium for bringing together buyer and seller for the purpose of sale transactions. Sugar Bars Legacy Sale or the Sheridan County Fairgrounds assume no liability for defects in the quality, soundness or condition of the horses
12.  Buyers are strongly encouraged to carefully inspect the horses before bidding. There are no further guarantees unless specified by seller.
13. Anyone attending the sale will do so at his or her own risk. Sugar Bars Legacy Sale personnel or Sheridan County Fairgrounds will not be responsible for death or injury to people or animals.
14.  Horses will be sold in catalog order unless otherwise specified.
15.  Broodmares are guaranteed to have been exposed to specified stallions. No guarantee of pregnancy status or eventual foaling is made unless made specifically by the seller. No return privileges or live foal guarantees accompany mares unless stated by consignor with proof in writing issued by stallion owner.
16.  If a consignment is accepted and placed in the catalog, the consignment fee is non-refundable.  The SBLSA reserves the right to turn away an approved consignment up until and through the sale.
17.   Sugar Bar bred consignments are within 6th generation of Sugar Bars decent.  The SBLSA are allowing some non-Sugar Bars bred consignments of riding horses this year.  Non-Sugar Bars bred horses will be sold after the consigned Sugar Bar bred horses.  All registration papers will be the seller's responsibility and papers must be filed with the AQHA prior to the sale.  If you haven't received the registration paper back from AQHA, a copy of the registration application must be presented at the sale, along with a signed transfer.